HR Solutions

Achieve and Sustain Profitable Growth

We have worked with the Orange County-based firm GrowthPort Partners, Inc. (GPP) for over a decade.  They provide a “Fortune-50” caliber senior human resources and employee benefits consulting as well as preventive employment law advisory services on both an in-house and outsourced basis to mid-sized employers in California. They do for these employers what traditional employment law firms don’t and what human resources professionals alone can’t.

GrowthPort Partners’ (GPP) unique value proposition derives from two main sources:

  1. The considerable experience and expertise of its partners in a broad range of key employment matters.
  2. The combination of high-end human resources and “preventive” employment law expertise made available to clients through its professional consulting and advisory services.

Human Resources Consulting

GPP’s human resources consulting services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • HR Infrastructure Development and Implementation, i.e., Employee Handbooks, Standard Operating Procedures
  • Health and Safety Assurance, i.e., Injury and Illness Prevention Plans, Safety Training, Site Risk Assessments
  • Management and Employee Training & Development to include: AB1825 Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Training, Smart Hiring & Righteous Terminations, Efficient and Productive Communications to name a few.
  • Employment-Related Claims Investigation/Resolution, i.e., Workers’ Compensation Audits, claims administration and Early Return to Work Programs
  • Employment Practices Assessments and Audits under the Attorney/Client Privilege.
  • Smart Hiring Processes and Procedures
  • ADA Compliant Position Descriptions and Performance Management
  • Situational Advice offered through electronic mail or via telephone, a HELPLINE for Employers to gain invaluable insight into daily employment decisions

Preventative Employment Law Advisory Services

GPP’s preventive employment law advisory services protected, where appropriate, under the attorney-client privilege, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Employment Policies-Review, Drafting, Implementation
  • Union Avoidance, Negotiation and Agreement Administration
  • Employment Crises Management and Support
  • Employment-Related Agreement Review/Negotiation/Drafting/Implementation Workforce
  • Reduction-Planning/Implementation
  • WARN Act Compliance
  • Employee/Government Agency Claims from the  EEOC, DFEH, DOL, DLSE, OSHA
  • Preventive Legal Advice/Counsel/Opinions
  • Employment Practices-Legal Audits and Assessments
  • Employment Litigation Management
  • Independent Contractor vs. Employee Assessments/Advice
  • Employment-Related Claims Investigations, i.e., Sex Harassment/Discrimination Allegations
  • Government Agency Representation
  • Settlement Negotiations

GPP’s Unique Contributions

The value that GPP’s combination of high caliber professional services represents to mid-sized employers doing business in California cannot be overstated. Considerable expertise is required to align the employer’s profit and productivity needs with existing, constantly changing and increasingly complex compliance requirements. Likewise, high-level expertise is required to align the employer’s need to attract and retain top talent in a highly competitive marketplace with employment policies that effectively both govern and motivate a workforce. Finally, the expertise required to assess employment-related risks in ways that either prevent litigation or, if not preventable, result in less costly and successful employer defenses, is both necessary and essential in today’s over-regulated and litigious workplace.

Clients/Industries Served

GPP’s impressive and incredibly loyal client list crosses a multitude of high-profile industries. Those industries include: property management; automotive, banking, medical centers, medical devices, heavy construction, mortgage lending, professional services, aerospace, restaurant, retail, trucking and manufacturing.

Market Realities Beneficial To GPP’s Clientele

The legal community has priced itself out of the mid-sized business market and it has no incentive to offer, let alone deliver, quality preventive legal services either in the employment area or otherwise. Similarly, management and HR consultants are too pricey, lack the extensive hands-on consulting skills and/or operating experience and proven management “tools”/infrastructure to meaningfully compete with the results-focused consulting services offered by GPP. GPP’s proven employment-related consulting and advisory services provide that wider, deeper connection to the client.