Long Term Care Solutions


Did you know…?

...the single greatest risk every one of us will face in our retirement years is an “Unfunded Extended Health Care Event.” In others words, not having coverage to pay for long-term recovery from an illness, accident or disability.

Tragically, the impact on a lifetime of savings and financial planning can quickly unravel -- the consequences can be devastating. Understandably, the emotional stress and challenges to your family’s peace of mind and happiness is a scenario you want to avoid. Fortunately, it is preventable.

Pacific Financial Group specializes in solutions to the Unfunded Extended Health Care Event -- and thankfully, they’re affordable. We are here not only to navigate through the complexities, we’ll design a cost-effective program that will ensure your retirement strategies will be achieved as planned.

To discover more, click on the short, two-minute video featuring Maria Shriver, Rob Lowe, and several others, who have all been impacted by this avoidable, critical issue.

After you review the videos, I am available to help you create a meaningful solution for you and your family. Should you have any questions, no concern is too small.